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Thee are very few businesses that wouldn’t welcome increased sales. We’ve worked with many companies that at the start seemingly have the “wrong customers” or “sales approach” or “product” to make success a reality.

We understand what is needed to go out and physically win new business with new customers.

All businesses need to match their selling approach to the type of business they want, a factor that is often overlooked in the rush to meet the month’s sales target.

Having a list of likely prospects may look like success but often creates a pipeline that doesn’t materialise, affecting the company’s value and the morale of the team.

Supporting the sales effort, attracting new customers, creating the right perception of the company and the value of its products is essential to building value in the company.

The value of the business is affected if sustainable revenues and profitability are in question, therefore attracting and retaining the right type of business is fundamental.

The way we gain new business varies from industry to industry but the one thing that remains constant is for the sales team to understand what a good deal looks like for everyone involved.

Longford Collins has the experience to both improve top line growth within your company and make sure that success filters down to the bottom line and cash flow.

By working with Longford Collins:

· Your customer base will increase

· Your marketing campaigns will be more cost effective

· Your profit margins will increase

· Staff retention will improve

       · Pipeline accuracy will improve

       · Client retention will improve

    · Commercial relationships will be stronger