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The cornerstone of sustainable growth.

A good Operations Director understands that they are there to deliver the promises made by the sales team, to get the right staff to produce the promised outcome on time and that doing it time after time produces the expected levels of profitability.

They need the experience to ensure the sales teams are promising something that can be delivered, that the staff understand the need to achieve the standards of customer service their customers expect and that consistent profitability is hard to achieve but easy to lose.

Companies that don’t make sales don’t survive but neither do organisations that make the wrong kind of sales.

Making sales that the company can’t deliver seamlessly may look good on the top-line but will be a disaster in terms of customer service, staff morale, retention rates, brand reputation and elsewhere – all of which has an impact on profitability and the company’s viability.

All of the process documentation in the world is no substitute for a properly motivated and trained member of staff. Someone who understands why they are at work and what impact their actions and decisions have on the outcome for the customer.

Making sure that the organisation has the right mix of skills and stock in place to deliver customers orders, making sure that your commercial environment allow goods and services
to be delivered profitably and that the customers or clients are happy with what they receive is all of concern to the Operations Director.

Operations is the pivotal role in driving the long term sustainability of any organisation; the place where all other functions meet. Getting it right brings together experience from all parts of the business and balances their needs and the motivations of the individuals that represent them with those of the organisation.

Longford Collins brings years of experience to bear to either initiate the processes required to run an effective operations team or to extend the skills of the existing team to cover the full extent of the role. We have designed and run operations processes and teams in a variety of operations, from Digital Media through Recruitment to Management Consulting and can deliver improved profitability for you.